Ida nadi and pinggala are beyond the spine, both subtle pulse is also known as the Moon and the Sun Nadi, the Yin and Yang or the science of the same function with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. That is an energy that flows kesisi body left and right.
Cleaning pulse to combine spells along the respiratory click here
Cleaning Nadi with respiratory OM
Before utilizing Om as it’s good cleaning Wija be known about this spell, if you do not know the union of this spell is also no benefit when used. Om which is a combination of the Holy script AmAh (kakagoose) / So Ham (Siwo ham); Am = our body from the neck down and Ah = our heads, Am = physical body and Ah = smooth body. akasara Am” divide themselves into Ang and Ungand the letters Ah” to “Mang” or of AmAh to A, U and M. script A” penguasai from your stomach area color “Red“, as the creator, Brahma god, alphabet U” is in the chest area color Black” as a custodian of the world god Vishnu, and the character M” in power at the head of a ruler Ahamkara, white color, melt nature and god is Shiva. AUM notch above that occupy the body as a whole, now I will describe AUM which are each and every small part of our body:
AUM who occupy positions of mind, A occupies the conscious mind, which causes the body to move, U occupy the subconscious mind which causes the body to rest or sleep and provide a variety of dreams, and M is the supra-conscious place Ahamkara (keegoan and self-awareness) is pobud being awake atapun sleep.
AUM which occupies the physical eye, A is in the eye Koenea, U is in the eye black and white M is in the eye
AUM which occupies the internal organs in the chest, A is the liver (liver), U in the bile and M at heart …. wait for the sequel
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