Kundalini is more commonly interpreted rolls, a force is in Kunda” ie somewhere or mandala rectangular (muladhara chakra), encircling the Linga” three and a half circle above the Yoni” tangible Kundalini serpent is in the muladhara chakra and in the linga and yoni muladhara there is where Mother Kundalini as a silent force diri.Kundalini also known by various names including: Mother Durga, kalatime mother, Mrs. Bhuta, Mrs. universe, Mother Bagawati and so on, all of Mother is the name of Himself. He also referred to as the Mother of Prana, Inner Power dormant or latent energy of any term of his name all refer padanya.Saya deliver to worship bhakti energy ..Ibu O Great Mother .

Om, Saraswati gurur yes Namaha

Kundalini which I will explain below is according to Surya Teja version, then what if you think the lack of fit with what they’ve learned before please understandable, whatever I explain later is what I experienced in recognizing Mother Kundalini also raises at once this way my keegoan to interpret it, then hope I made this as additional knowledge to develop your knowledge of Kundalini, they all die on confidence respectively.

Om Narayana, Narayana Om, Om Narayana

Oh my God that I worship as Narayana lead me describe what I know of this knowledge may not distorted and misleading, good knowledge of Shiva, Vishnu and inspiring truth Brahma always underlies everything Om Sri Hare Vishnu tat astu astu

Kundalini which originated from the mystic syllable Kunda” which means a place of worship rectangular normally used in Agni Hotra. Kunda is considered the “mouth of Godand a raging fire that burns every tongue offerings regarded as God. So agni hotra regarded as an offering to God directly. Kunda which is also referred to as a mandala or a base as well as the basic building a house, basically to be strong, especially in the spiritual. Basic it is pengetahuan.spiritual (jnana) in this regard is the knowledge of Kundalini. Knowledge is like sunlight dispel the darkness of the night, as well as those who walk on the spiritual path without knowledge is like walking on a dark street, will not know the direction. People in this state are very susceptible to asutan or suggestion because in a state of lack of knowledge Try to think for a moment underlies all true knowledge?
Kunda is the dwelling place of kundalini fire that is at the Muladhara Chakra. Four leaved chakra which is right at the threshold of the coccyx .Empat kesadaan state represented by the red lotus leaf bright as the rising sun. As a symbol of the four days of that past, present, will come and after death, four states: waking, between awake and sleep, dreaming and dreamless sleep, the four processes of life: infants, adults, and elderly married, four basic life : truth, artha, desire and liberation.
In muladhara chakra lies the linga and yoni, Linga as a symbol of Purusa (male breeders tools / Venis) and Yoni as a symbol Pradana (female breeders tool / vagina) .Linga and Yoni is in muladhara chakra known as Swayambhu Linga Shiva. This is where the kundalini energy resides in the form of a snake in a state of falling asleep with his head facing down. This energy can be the target of a spiritual aspirant karma with this energy instill any kekautan will be his. And Ko that the kundalini energy is energy that is terrible, the energy that is in every human being whether conscious or not. He became a byword for Yoga aspirants who want siddhi or power flowing within him. For aspirant pure Yoga aims to unite themselves with YM Attorney kundalini energy generated only to reach the stage of Samadhi.
Kundalini energy is the active nature of this energy point was raised when he will move up steadily without could be stopped only be directed according consciousness directs his journey. If the consciousness that directs the low, kasarlah energy flowing and so if a high spiritual awareness and Gentle smooth energy flow. Nergi flow of kundalini can be described as the polarity of the negative” in a direct current (DC) or as electricity in a battery. Polartas negative will flow toward the positive polarity and positive polarity exists in the fontanel in Sahasrara Chakra the seat of the Great Shiva. Shiva passive vibration silent but spread meets nature. Shiva single (Eka) as well as many (various). Shiva who dwell in sahasrara mean vibration beam dwells in sahasrara each person. He sat with his favorite Siddha attitude, Her body like a brilliant reflection of the sun on the snow mountain, which his hair neatly braided, which drain the holy Ganges water, surrounded by a beautiful crescent moon, wearing a snake as a necklace, blue necked, his body smeared wibhuti, the second his hand lifted to give thanks and give exemption from all fear, which is decorated as a tiger skin dress, sitting on a lotus thousands of golden leaves, the smile radiating vibrations of peace .
Mother Kundalini which is also called Mother Durga and Kali Kala Mother, Mother Bhuta, Mother of the Universe, and all Bagawati Mother Mother is the name of Himself. He is better known as Mother Durga, Mother figure very creepy impression when he called his name will be scary any know. Mothers who ruled the Bhuta to spread the disease so that the face of Mother Durga kususnya in Bali were embodied as Rangda” namely the symbolist strength. Cobalahlah consider the image below:


Long and curly white hair to the ground, above his head was a fire in his own strength, bulging eyes menorot emit light purple death, with sharp fangs and long-term, long tongue of flame filled with anger, long fingernails ready tearing hurt, shrill voice make the whole hair stand scary, he was sitting on a golden-haired lion wanahannya. Here’s a little picture of mother durga Being at once Mother Kundalini, which controls the power of Shiva’s mother.
Now I will invite you to interpret the mini sera beings, beings who actually is inside everyone. Is his form when within us? All nature, these evil thoughts and desires as a form digamabrkan very creepy. Maybe you will be furious to see or hear when others do evil, or you will be afraid to meet with people who are already known to evil, but many are afraid to look like a sinister form see this Rangda and they did not fear when the mind and the desire to hurt or when they want kill others. If only it was realized that there is a form of self in this spooky, people should not be afraid notice form Rangda that is spooky and scary. Naturally we fear when seeing a form of sinister but more afraid of the sinister form that is in us, not to form it creepy to others.
Kundalini is a very large energy stored in themselves, are now trying to understand about the energy” yes energy as well as energy electrical energy. Electricity will light incandescent bulb or lamp neoan or turn on a variety of electronic equipment and other electrical equipment. Similarly kundalini energy, we awaken the kundalini energy is to force, to raise awareness, for healing, for the authority to meet the material or to turn on the nature and mental that is within us. Kundalini energy will flow through direction we want. Awakening Kundalini energy flow is determined completely by the level of our consciousness, or in other words we are the ones who cultivate it, is we as a controller. So the kundalini energy is very beneficial to be dependent any known intelligence and knowledge. But that needs to be considered is that the energy is still energy he will follow our own consciousness, following the pattern of our mind when we think towards virtue then he will be a force in the running virtue but if our minds are filled ideas crime then we too will be the bad guy. Unfortunately when this energy up and someone who lack the knowledge to control it, especially when he fell, instead of this energy will help us make us even more and fell down, so be careful tinkering with Kundalini. But if the energy difference is generated only a suggestion of self or disugesti by others, it may not be genuine kundalini energy but the energy in every person who sabotage or on behalf of the kundalini energy.
Why Kundalini symbolized as a serpent? Because that trip kundalini energy in the body that runs every subtle pulses we mainly three main pulse pulse Ida, Pinggala and sumsumna. He walked meliak-bend just like a snake ready mulutya issued Can (poison). Poison if the dose is right then it will become a drug and if one will cause pain.


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