Everyone has this energy that is hidden in our body. Kundalini energy is very large energy like nuclear energy that is in the body. One can imagine how the amount of energy in our bodies, if we are able to generate this energy. To generate enough energy Kundaliniperlu knowledge especially on Main Chakras. In addition to the much needed knowledge is also a guide / mentor who really know about Kundalini awakening or a spiritual Master.

Kundalini Yoga

In the teachings of Yoga, Kundalini energy symbolized as Snake Way in a state of sleep with the head facing down that wrapped around the Shiva Linga with three half Swayambu primary winding. Kundalini is the mother who protects us, Mother of the universe is often referred to as Mother Durga (Hyang Nini Bagawati), Mother and Mother Saraswati Gayatri. To wake Energy Way there are various ways and with certain exercises.

Exercise and how to awaken the Kundalini energy or magic and how to overcome them will be discussed in the book is the author of Mother Kundalini Sakti specifically. Here the authors describe only briefly awakening the Kundalini Sakti. Surya Teja awaken Kundalini Sakti by cleaning in advance all the chakras third Nadi Main and Main. Surya Teja process undertaken gradually and slowly so as not to endanger the physical body.

Surya Teja cleanse and open the channels that will be passed by the Kundalini energy, ranging from head to toe Valentine, thus facilitating the process of awakening the Kundalini Sakti. Surya Teja cleaning system is the opposite of cleaning awakening the Kundalini Sakti. Energy Awakening Kundalini Sakti bring two influences are positive and negative influences. When the Kundalini awakening towards the negative direction will result in less good, there are some things that influenced that could harm the physical body, it can be really real or will change the nature, emotions, behavior and other negative direction.

To keep things undesirable then Surya Teja gave way first. Awakening Kundalini Sakti and cleaning starts from Muladhara Chakra (the abode of Kundalini) to the Sahasrara Chakra (Berstananya Shiva Trance / Trance Single / Trance Master) via Nadi Susumna located in the Backbone. Once the Kundalini rise from Muladhara Chakra directly will clean the Muladhara Chakra in advance.

KundaliniSetelah clean Muladhara Chakra, Chakra Kundalini headed up cleaning Swadhistana, after this clean Chakra Kundalini rises cleaning Manipura Chakra and so on up to the Sahasrara Chakra. Main purpose is to clean the Kundalini awakening negative karma attached to our bodies. When the Kundalini energy has reached Sahasrara Chakra This is something that is desirable because the unification of Kundalini (Hyang Nini Bagawati) with Shiva Trance is the blessing of the Supreme Court until we reach the Great consciousness (awareness Somia / Budhi)

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga consists of words sansekertha is Kundalini Yoga, yoga means running with the help raise the Kundalini Shakti energy. Yoga comes from the syllable “Yuj” which means “Linking or Uniting”. So Yoga is a process for connecting or uniting the presence of God Almighty. Yoga itself is just a way or process to achieve the unification of the individual with great self. During this process the spiritual aspirants undergo a variety of existing roads that lead to Hatta Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga or Bhakti Yoga. Yoga respective road has its advantages and disadvantages of each, and usually four roads are mutually supportive Yoga is difficult in practice to separate. And in my view that in order to be able to run a good yoga with everything must be based on the spirit of the sacred and spiritual knowledge sufficient. As was said in the Shiva Samhita
“Only jnana (spiritual knowledge) the only real lasting alone one without beginning and end, where no objects (substances) other tangible: The differences that we see in this world is the result of conditions in which senses when this (senses) stops, then that is left is jnana itself, nothing more ”
Supposing knowledge as sunlight that illuminates the darkness, illuminating the ignorance so that false and true can be seen clearly. Many people who live in the spiritual path without sufficient knowledge they just get something in an instant, and not a few even used as buffalo led by the nose, according to the course. Even many educated confused because he prefers the results and indulged to cepet master what is its purpose. To obtain a bachelor’s degree a person must have a diploma elementary, middle and high school and so on, except buy a fake diploma.
A yogi must move vigorously holy to God whether by looking inside or out, all this is the same way except that when a spiritual journey towards the exit will be more to see obstacles. This is yoga, a truth-seeking process, but keep in mind for those who live with meditation search tends toward the self and who do worship the place of the holy places, do Tirta yatra, pilgrimages and the like is more keluar.Kedua this way seems apart, separated by beliefs and keegoan, whereas these two roads is one. Keegoan a meditation claimed that God can only be achieved by meditation God does not need to look far he is in every human being, the They have more run based on raja yoga and bhakti yoga thereupon, as well as who is out that God is domiciled in any place holy they believe, they walked down the street bhakti yoga yoga dan.karma And many more ways they seek God according to their own beliefs. From looking at the differences in their path they would have found what you are looking for and believed. If only it was realized that the road was actually support each other, each way has advantages and disadvantages. That balance should in my view. Search for God is with meditation or prayer that is the same, ie both in the process of my pencarian.Jadi less agree that God is looking for us, God exists everywhere, including inside ourselves. Although it felt close to that lies within, but in practice it feels very far away is very difficult, so traveling into or out of the process is the same. He feels very much at all difficult to be achieved. Yoga journey lies in the value of the struggle, the extent to which we are able to overcome the obstacle whether from inside or outside the self, lies not in the results obtained. So yore Patanjali says “this is very difficult to walk forward (yoga) as it runs in the eyes of a very sharp knife, one or slip slightly terlukalah happens” also goes to see him as doing Maha project work, all obstacles and barriers we must be able to pass only with firmness , disciplined and diligent practice. So far we leave him to approach it is something that requires energy Extra. The energy that drives the realization of the goal of Yoga is Kundalini Energy. Energy is power, power, shakti, power or any term of these are already there within us and outside us. Large energy asleep in the form of a snake coiled themselves 3.5 circle with their heads down encircling swayambhu Shiva Linga. When the Kundalini energy is able to be raised, energy that will encourage someone achieve his or her goal Yoga.
The rise of Kundalini energy will clean each chakra that is passed then activates the chakras-cakranya and could be various siddhipun will be felt even though its still an instant. Kundalini hike will be very helpful especially to increase self-awareness and also increased power vitality for example to aid in healing yourself or even become a healer Kundalini. But keep in mind not only the benefits are very useful, for me even how we deal with any problems brought about by the increase in the Kundalini. Because kundalini gains will clean and open knots chakra, because kundalini energy was limited so this energy will play smashed it, so it is necessary to know the knowledge and techniques of directing that does not happen to be desired. Many spiritual aspirants have fallen sick from them without realizing that the cause is the Kundalini (kundalini syndrome).


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