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Ida nadi and pinggala are beyond the spine, both subtle pulse is also known as the Moon and the Sun Nadi, the Yin and Yang or the science of the same function with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. That is an energy that flows kesisi body left and right.
Cleaning pulse to combine spells along the respiratory click here
Cleaning Nadi with respiratory OM
Before utilizing Om as it’s good cleaning Wija be known about this spell, if you do not know the union of this spell is also no benefit when used. Om which is a combination of the Holy script AmAh (kakagoose) / So Ham (Siwo ham); Am = our body from the neck down and Ah = our heads, Am = physical body and Ah = smooth body. akasara Am” divide themselves into Ang and Ungand the letters Ah” to “Mang” or of AmAh to A, U and M. script A” penguasai from your stomach area color “Red“, as the creator, Brahma god, alphabet U” is in the chest area color Black” as a custodian of the world god Vishnu, and the character M” in power at the head of a ruler Ahamkara, white color, melt nature and god is Shiva. AUM notch above that occupy the body as a whole, now I will describe AUM which are each and every small part of our body:
AUM who occupy positions of mind, A occupies the conscious mind, which causes the body to move, U occupy the subconscious mind which causes the body to rest or sleep and provide a variety of dreams, and M is the supra-conscious place Ahamkara (keegoan and self-awareness) is pobud being awake atapun sleep.
AUM which occupies the physical eye, A is in the eye Koenea, U is in the eye black and white M is in the eye
AUM which occupies the internal organs in the chest, A is the liver (liver), U in the bile and M at heart …. wait for the sequel
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Asanas or sit cross-legged in the attitude of the attitude of Siddha”. It is a posture that I strongly recommend that this attitude is the attitude of Shiva‘s favorite. Many people praise this posture Siwananda Swami said this attitude better than padmasana especially for meditation and inner improve or increase energy kundalini.Seperti name is Siddha or asana (posture) siddha (strength) so this attitude aims to drain or gain strength strength. The trick is: put one foot to the heel touches the anus and the other foot touches the heel slightly above the pubic. Both legs arranged in such sedekian, so both ankles touching. Both hands are placed above the knee and stands langkuan backbone, also should be considered correct head do not get too ahead or kebelakang.Yang to note that this attitude is less suitable for women.

Pranayama is derived from the word Prana and yama, Prana is the vital life energy, or all the energy that exists in nature and yam” is the mantra for Wija in anahata chakra, chakra air element, so Pranayama is the life energy that comes from the air. This energy is subtle, He is in the form of air flow respiratory (breathing), or Prana tangible outside, Prana breathing is still considered to be rude. By understanding and able to withstand rough breath of this, we will also be able to understand and cope with the existing subtle Prana Prana didalamnya.Mengatasi means being able to overcome the mind and Copyright (buddhi) and mind or copyright will not be able to move when without help Prana. Prana it is a dormant power within every person which includes and is everywhere or around us. Heat, cold, light, electricity, magnetic, vibration etc. is his form of Prana. Prana fibers associated with the mind, the mind associated with creativity, joy to the will, the will of the individual person’s soul, soul to the Almighty. Prana is situated in the heart of every man and he is just no one, but has a lot of tasks and functions, he has a lot of work to do. Prana broadly divide the task into five, namely: prana, apana, Samana, Udana and Wyana. These five kinds of prana is due to perform different duties He also put themselves at certain places in our body. I will review a bit about five Prana is only a course outline in place, color and duties.

Prana yellowish housed in anahata chakra (chest) in charge of breathing, he had a sub. Prana is the Dragon, make people belch and sob -sedu
Apana red orange housed in Muladhara chakra (butt) in charge of the disposal apparatus, to dispose of feces and urine, he has a sub. Prana is Kurma, to open and close or wink.
Samana greenish housed in Manipura chakra (belly) served as a digestive, He has sub Prana is Krikara, causes of hunger and thirst.
Udana bluish housed in Wisudha chakra (throat) assigned to swallow something, when to sleep without dreams is this prana brings the soul to get to the Brahman and the time of death of this famine that separates the subtle body with the physical, he has a sub prana is Dewadata, make people yawn
Wyana pink housed in swadhisthana chakra (sexual area) throughout the body in charge of the blood circulation, he has a sub prana is Dananjaya, sweat, issuing a bad thing from the body.

If someone is able to control the mind and the breath on his own accord he said to emit spiritual energy through the chakras adnya mind all orders will be followed by others (hypnotic). In Hatha yoga is the most important lesson to know the five elements of this Prana, a Hatha yogi assume Prana Tattwa (elements prana) greater than Tattwa Manas (mind elements) by reason of the fact that there is always a breath Prana although at a time when deep sleep without dreams, being mind when it has come asleep or deemed not work / do not work (lost his datu), so Prana breathing plays a more important role than in the mind. In the early stages of studying Hatha yoga, Raja yoga and mantra yoga, the breath or Pranayama is very important to understand and dipratekkan especially how can cope with waves of energy (prana) is in every breath through the mind, only then will know the Secret of Prana general that is in us. A person who controls such knowledge will not be afraid of any force.
To be able to raise the Kundalini energy safely and faster, of course, used to clean the road to be traversed by the kundalini. The road is three main pulse Ida, Pinggala and sushumna.Ibarat Kundalini like a great flood water flow in the river (pulse) with a pressure power current is very swift and kuat.Apabila not clean river filled dirtiness garbage piling or many piles of rocks, can you imagine what would happen? Definitely overflow or a big flood submerging houses washed away and hurt us.
Or like the flow of water in the pipe, if the pipe to be fed water with very strong pressure while the pipe was capped by land or other soiling, whether water will flow smoothly? Yes there may be a drop of water seepage that can be felt, but keep in mind if true kundalini energy that rose in full then any menumpat pipe will work against, it means there is the possibility of the pipe so broken because the mighty terrible press can not be stopped. Instead of plastic plumbing pipe varalon besipun will manikin made please be aware of this, do not rush to awaken the kundalini if not completely clean our veins. Well, how to clean up the veins, if only with a cleaning or simply rely on touch by a teacher? I‘m sure not !! cleaning shall be repeated by doing Pranayama”. It has been said by the great predecessors ie Yoga, Kundalini SiwaPranayama are breathing exercises that I created specifically to raise the kundalini shakti fire. Pranayama is done with great self-discipline, trained in the morning and afternoon at least 10 minutes each time you exercise. In doing breathing there are two ways that I will give:

Respiratory sitting:
Sit in Siddha attitude, then tried to calm down and then set the position of the spine, chest slightly puffed but still relaxed and casual. Now place one hand on the nose, use your thumb and index finger to squeeze or close both nostrils. Now press / close the right nostril with one finger Kemudiaan inhale through the left nostril by 7 sec, then hold the breath in the belly while both nostrils closed, hold for 28 sec, then open fingers close the right nostril and exhale breath 14 sec, this new one now continue round the second round. Pull the right nostril breathing is still open, then close both nostrils the breath hold the belly, exhale with the left nostril, count the same breath with the above. For the next round back above manner so the respiratory system to the next.
Do this breathing technique on a regular basis every day for 2 weeks.

Next do yoga breathing with a ratio of 1: 4; 2; 2 click here

While still doing breathing techniques above but not every day now doing techniquepulse cleaning technique is a smooth path that would be the way kundalini while riding towards the main chakras. This pulse is astral veins, which membentukpun of astral material or ether (gas), which contains mengalairkan pranic energy or kundalini energy flow throughout the body. Pulse is derived from the language Sankertha Nadi” of the syllable Nad” which means movement” life energy or prana moves or flows through the veins. Because the pulse Nadi- made of a soft substance (gas / etheris) so that the pulse is not able to be seen by naked eye. Nadi is meant here is not the pulse vein as it is known in medical science, this pulse is seoalh blend with the pulse veins, but it works and duties we berbeda.Ditubuh contains thousands of pulses can not be calculated in number, in theory says that the number of pulse around pulse 72,000 large and small. These pulses are very important, especially in mempelajariYoga dikenalai Kundalini. When the Kundalini Shakti has been raised or awake, the kundalini energy will flow through the arteries the arteries, especially the three major arteries are: Nadi Sushumna, Ida and pinggala and this will happen when the pulse -nadi was clean. So the first action that must be done if you want to raise the Kundalini energy is clean up this third main pulse.
Broad knowledge of Nadi and the chakras is very important especially where, how it works, its benefits, its nature or duties. Why this should be considered? Since both Nadi- pulse or chakras very influential or very closely related to the physical body. As well as the center the central artery of coarse closely linked to the pulse center delicate, subtle vibrations occurring physical pulse centered at certain frequencies determine the vibration is also at the center of a smooth pulse, and vice versa, each occurred crossing of physical veins usually called network center (plexus). Plexus in the famous medical science is:

Cervical (neck)
Brachial (upper arm section)
Coceygeal (the shoots backbone)
Lumbar (waist)
Sacral (tail bone)
Cardlac (Heart)
Esophageal (throat)
Hepatic (part of the spleen)
Pharyngeal (jaw)
Pulmonary (lung section)
Ligual (part of the tongue)
Prostatic (part of the bladder)

Likewise, the delicate veins of each junction will bring up the lotus” or lotus / lotus is often called Chakras.
All pulses out of Kanda is its pulse, and this is a meeting place with Muladhara chakra sushumna nadi. Kanda is located between the pubic ass hole or perineum. It looked like egg membrane wrapped very smooth and thin. It is located just above the muladhara chakra. From this kanda all pulses out and eventually spread throughout the body. Of so many veins that there are three main pulse pulse Ida, pinggala and sushumna, what is important is susuhumna pulse pulse in the middle lane of concern to the yogin.

sushumna Nadi
Sushumna Nadi originated from muladhara chakra (tail bone) and the presence of floating in the tunnel backbone like a fire red color. In the sushumna nadi is no longer a pulse is called Vajra pulse brilliant white glow like the sun, which contains the properties of passion and magical power. Later in this Vajra pulse is no longer called pulse image, is what is holy pure white like the moon. Chitra is what is preferred by the yogis which looks like a small thread of a lotus flower, bright colors emit five, located in the midst of the sushumna. The most important part of our body, for those who know this is the main road leading to heaven”. This is what gives eternal happiness. By meditating on the chakra out of chitra pulse, a yogi can eradicate sin and will achieve the highest happiness and this also will provide spiritual freedom. If breathing is able to enter the path of this pulse in the mind becomes calm and be firmly fixed pulse stabil.Bila we meditate on it just in time sushumna nadi work, we will experience the transcendent exceptional circumstances. But if the pulses are still filled with the filth, it is clear there will be able to breath through this pulse, to cope with pranayama Pranayama lakukanlha the pulses will be cleared. In the image” of this channel there exists a very small and delicate called Brahma pulse“. From this 7 main chakras that appears and at the same time as the path that most Main Kundalini rise that will converge to Shiva, this is termed the main utamaningroad to Moksah, way to unite ourselves with YM Power or the path to total liberation.
It is difficult to achieve lasting happiness let alone reach Moksah
Very high keegoan a yogi, he did not quite achieve the desired even heaven is Moksah
Plug bathinmu to achieve Moksah, if there is still happiness heaven fall arrest under

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Kundalini is more commonly interpreted rolls, a force is in Kunda” ie somewhere or mandala rectangular (muladhara chakra), encircling the Linga” three and a half circle above the Yoni” tangible Kundalini serpent is in the muladhara chakra and in the linga and yoni muladhara there is where Mother Kundalini as a silent force diri.Kundalini also known by various names including: Mother Durga, kalatime mother, Mrs. Bhuta, Mrs. universe, Mother Bagawati and so on, all of Mother is the name of Himself. He also referred to as the Mother of Prana, Inner Power dormant or latent energy of any term of his name all refer padanya.Saya deliver to worship bhakti energy ..Ibu O Great Mother .

Om, Saraswati gurur yes Namaha

Kundalini which I will explain below is according to Surya Teja version, then what if you think the lack of fit with what they’ve learned before please understandable, whatever I explain later is what I experienced in recognizing Mother Kundalini also raises at once this way my keegoan to interpret it, then hope I made this as additional knowledge to develop your knowledge of Kundalini, they all die on confidence respectively.

Om Narayana, Narayana Om, Om Narayana

Oh my God that I worship as Narayana lead me describe what I know of this knowledge may not distorted and misleading, good knowledge of Shiva, Vishnu and inspiring truth Brahma always underlies everything Om Sri Hare Vishnu tat astu astu

Kundalini which originated from the mystic syllable Kunda” which means a place of worship rectangular normally used in Agni Hotra. Kunda is considered the “mouth of Godand a raging fire that burns every tongue offerings regarded as God. So agni hotra regarded as an offering to God directly. Kunda which is also referred to as a mandala or a base as well as the basic building a house, basically to be strong, especially in the spiritual. Basic it is pengetahuan.spiritual (jnana) in this regard is the knowledge of Kundalini. Knowledge is like sunlight dispel the darkness of the night, as well as those who walk on the spiritual path without knowledge is like walking on a dark street, will not know the direction. People in this state are very susceptible to asutan or suggestion because in a state of lack of knowledge Try to think for a moment underlies all true knowledge?
Kunda is the dwelling place of kundalini fire that is at the Muladhara Chakra. Four leaved chakra which is right at the threshold of the coccyx .Empat kesadaan state represented by the red lotus leaf bright as the rising sun. As a symbol of the four days of that past, present, will come and after death, four states: waking, between awake and sleep, dreaming and dreamless sleep, the four processes of life: infants, adults, and elderly married, four basic life : truth, artha, desire and liberation.
In muladhara chakra lies the linga and yoni, Linga as a symbol of Purusa (male breeders tools / Venis) and Yoni as a symbol Pradana (female breeders tool / vagina) .Linga and Yoni is in muladhara chakra known as Swayambhu Linga Shiva. This is where the kundalini energy resides in the form of a snake in a state of falling asleep with his head facing down. This energy can be the target of a spiritual aspirant karma with this energy instill any kekautan will be his. And Ko that the kundalini energy is energy that is terrible, the energy that is in every human being whether conscious or not. He became a byword for Yoga aspirants who want siddhi or power flowing within him. For aspirant pure Yoga aims to unite themselves with YM Attorney kundalini energy generated only to reach the stage of Samadhi.
Kundalini energy is the active nature of this energy point was raised when he will move up steadily without could be stopped only be directed according consciousness directs his journey. If the consciousness that directs the low, kasarlah energy flowing and so if a high spiritual awareness and Gentle smooth energy flow. Nergi flow of kundalini can be described as the polarity of the negative” in a direct current (DC) or as electricity in a battery. Polartas negative will flow toward the positive polarity and positive polarity exists in the fontanel in Sahasrara Chakra the seat of the Great Shiva. Shiva passive vibration silent but spread meets nature. Shiva single (Eka) as well as many (various). Shiva who dwell in sahasrara mean vibration beam dwells in sahasrara each person. He sat with his favorite Siddha attitude, Her body like a brilliant reflection of the sun on the snow mountain, which his hair neatly braided, which drain the holy Ganges water, surrounded by a beautiful crescent moon, wearing a snake as a necklace, blue necked, his body smeared wibhuti, the second his hand lifted to give thanks and give exemption from all fear, which is decorated as a tiger skin dress, sitting on a lotus thousands of golden leaves, the smile radiating vibrations of peace .
Mother Kundalini which is also called Mother Durga and Kali Kala Mother, Mother Bhuta, Mother of the Universe, and all Bagawati Mother Mother is the name of Himself. He is better known as Mother Durga, Mother figure very creepy impression when he called his name will be scary any know. Mothers who ruled the Bhuta to spread the disease so that the face of Mother Durga kususnya in Bali were embodied as Rangda” namely the symbolist strength. Cobalahlah consider the image below:


Long and curly white hair to the ground, above his head was a fire in his own strength, bulging eyes menorot emit light purple death, with sharp fangs and long-term, long tongue of flame filled with anger, long fingernails ready tearing hurt, shrill voice make the whole hair stand scary, he was sitting on a golden-haired lion wanahannya. Here’s a little picture of mother durga Being at once Mother Kundalini, which controls the power of Shiva’s mother.
Now I will invite you to interpret the mini sera beings, beings who actually is inside everyone. Is his form when within us? All nature, these evil thoughts and desires as a form digamabrkan very creepy. Maybe you will be furious to see or hear when others do evil, or you will be afraid to meet with people who are already known to evil, but many are afraid to look like a sinister form see this Rangda and they did not fear when the mind and the desire to hurt or when they want kill others. If only it was realized that there is a form of self in this spooky, people should not be afraid notice form Rangda that is spooky and scary. Naturally we fear when seeing a form of sinister but more afraid of the sinister form that is in us, not to form it creepy to others.
Kundalini is a very large energy stored in themselves, are now trying to understand about the energy” yes energy as well as energy electrical energy. Electricity will light incandescent bulb or lamp neoan or turn on a variety of electronic equipment and other electrical equipment. Similarly kundalini energy, we awaken the kundalini energy is to force, to raise awareness, for healing, for the authority to meet the material or to turn on the nature and mental that is within us. Kundalini energy will flow through direction we want. Awakening Kundalini energy flow is determined completely by the level of our consciousness, or in other words we are the ones who cultivate it, is we as a controller. So the kundalini energy is very beneficial to be dependent any known intelligence and knowledge. But that needs to be considered is that the energy is still energy he will follow our own consciousness, following the pattern of our mind when we think towards virtue then he will be a force in the running virtue but if our minds are filled ideas crime then we too will be the bad guy. Unfortunately when this energy up and someone who lack the knowledge to control it, especially when he fell, instead of this energy will help us make us even more and fell down, so be careful tinkering with Kundalini. But if the energy difference is generated only a suggestion of self or disugesti by others, it may not be genuine kundalini energy but the energy in every person who sabotage or on behalf of the kundalini energy.
Why Kundalini symbolized as a serpent? Because that trip kundalini energy in the body that runs every subtle pulses we mainly three main pulse pulse Ida, Pinggala and sumsumna. He walked meliak-bend just like a snake ready mulutya issued Can (poison). Poison if the dose is right then it will become a drug and if one will cause pain.

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Everyone has this energy that is hidden in our body. Kundalini energy is very large energy like nuclear energy that is in the body. One can imagine how the amount of energy in our bodies, if we are able to generate this energy. To generate enough energy Kundaliniperlu knowledge especially on Main Chakras. In addition to the much needed knowledge is also a guide / mentor who really know about Kundalini awakening or a spiritual Master.

Kundalini Yoga

In the teachings of Yoga, Kundalini energy symbolized as Snake Way in a state of sleep with the head facing down that wrapped around the Shiva Linga with three half Swayambu primary winding. Kundalini is the mother who protects us, Mother of the universe is often referred to as Mother Durga (Hyang Nini Bagawati), Mother and Mother Saraswati Gayatri. To wake Energy Way there are various ways and with certain exercises.

Exercise and how to awaken the Kundalini energy or magic and how to overcome them will be discussed in the book is the author of Mother Kundalini Sakti specifically. Here the authors describe only briefly awakening the Kundalini Sakti. Surya Teja awaken Kundalini Sakti by cleaning in advance all the chakras third Nadi Main and Main. Surya Teja process undertaken gradually and slowly so as not to endanger the physical body.

Surya Teja cleanse and open the channels that will be passed by the Kundalini energy, ranging from head to toe Valentine, thus facilitating the process of awakening the Kundalini Sakti. Surya Teja cleaning system is the opposite of cleaning awakening the Kundalini Sakti. Energy Awakening Kundalini Sakti bring two influences are positive and negative influences. When the Kundalini awakening towards the negative direction will result in less good, there are some things that influenced that could harm the physical body, it can be really real or will change the nature, emotions, behavior and other negative direction.

To keep things undesirable then Surya Teja gave way first. Awakening Kundalini Sakti and cleaning starts from Muladhara Chakra (the abode of Kundalini) to the Sahasrara Chakra (Berstananya Shiva Trance / Trance Single / Trance Master) via Nadi Susumna located in the Backbone. Once the Kundalini rise from Muladhara Chakra directly will clean the Muladhara Chakra in advance.

KundaliniSetelah clean Muladhara Chakra, Chakra Kundalini headed up cleaning Swadhistana, after this clean Chakra Kundalini rises cleaning Manipura Chakra and so on up to the Sahasrara Chakra. Main purpose is to clean the Kundalini awakening negative karma attached to our bodies. When the Kundalini energy has reached Sahasrara Chakra This is something that is desirable because the unification of Kundalini (Hyang Nini Bagawati) with Shiva Trance is the blessing of the Supreme Court until we reach the Great consciousness (awareness Somia / Budhi)

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga consists of words sansekertha is Kundalini Yoga, yoga means running with the help raise the Kundalini Shakti energy. Yoga comes from the syllable “Yuj” which means “Linking or Uniting”. So Yoga is a process for connecting or uniting the presence of God Almighty. Yoga itself is just a way or process to achieve the unification of the individual with great self. During this process the spiritual aspirants undergo a variety of existing roads that lead to Hatta Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga or Bhakti Yoga. Yoga respective road has its advantages and disadvantages of each, and usually four roads are mutually supportive Yoga is difficult in practice to separate. And in my view that in order to be able to run a good yoga with everything must be based on the spirit of the sacred and spiritual knowledge sufficient. As was said in the Shiva Samhita
“Only jnana (spiritual knowledge) the only real lasting alone one without beginning and end, where no objects (substances) other tangible: The differences that we see in this world is the result of conditions in which senses when this (senses) stops, then that is left is jnana itself, nothing more ”
Supposing knowledge as sunlight that illuminates the darkness, illuminating the ignorance so that false and true can be seen clearly. Many people who live in the spiritual path without sufficient knowledge they just get something in an instant, and not a few even used as buffalo led by the nose, according to the course. Even many educated confused because he prefers the results and indulged to cepet master what is its purpose. To obtain a bachelor’s degree a person must have a diploma elementary, middle and high school and so on, except buy a fake diploma.
A yogi must move vigorously holy to God whether by looking inside or out, all this is the same way except that when a spiritual journey towards the exit will be more to see obstacles. This is yoga, a truth-seeking process, but keep in mind for those who live with meditation search tends toward the self and who do worship the place of the holy places, do Tirta yatra, pilgrimages and the like is more keluar.Kedua this way seems apart, separated by beliefs and keegoan, whereas these two roads is one. Keegoan a meditation claimed that God can only be achieved by meditation God does not need to look far he is in every human being, the They have more run based on raja yoga and bhakti yoga thereupon, as well as who is out that God is domiciled in any place holy they believe, they walked down the street bhakti yoga yoga dan.karma And many more ways they seek God according to their own beliefs. From looking at the differences in their path they would have found what you are looking for and believed. If only it was realized that the road was actually support each other, each way has advantages and disadvantages. That balance should in my view. Search for God is with meditation or prayer that is the same, ie both in the process of my pencarian.Jadi less agree that God is looking for us, God exists everywhere, including inside ourselves. Although it felt close to that lies within, but in practice it feels very far away is very difficult, so traveling into or out of the process is the same. He feels very much at all difficult to be achieved. Yoga journey lies in the value of the struggle, the extent to which we are able to overcome the obstacle whether from inside or outside the self, lies not in the results obtained. So yore Patanjali says “this is very difficult to walk forward (yoga) as it runs in the eyes of a very sharp knife, one or slip slightly terlukalah happens” also goes to see him as doing Maha project work, all obstacles and barriers we must be able to pass only with firmness , disciplined and diligent practice. So far we leave him to approach it is something that requires energy Extra. The energy that drives the realization of the goal of Yoga is Kundalini Energy. Energy is power, power, shakti, power or any term of these are already there within us and outside us. Large energy asleep in the form of a snake coiled themselves 3.5 circle with their heads down encircling swayambhu Shiva Linga. When the Kundalini energy is able to be raised, energy that will encourage someone achieve his or her goal Yoga.
The rise of Kundalini energy will clean each chakra that is passed then activates the chakras-cakranya and could be various siddhipun will be felt even though its still an instant. Kundalini hike will be very helpful especially to increase self-awareness and also increased power vitality for example to aid in healing yourself or even become a healer Kundalini. But keep in mind not only the benefits are very useful, for me even how we deal with any problems brought about by the increase in the Kundalini. Because kundalini gains will clean and open knots chakra, because kundalini energy was limited so this energy will play smashed it, so it is necessary to know the knowledge and techniques of directing that does not happen to be desired. Many spiritual aspirants have fallen sick from them without realizing that the cause is the Kundalini (kundalini syndrome).

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Terima kasih

Mr. Mack
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